At Suffield University, we take complete care of your current and future needs, because we are committed towards your betterment and nothing else. Named as one of the nation's top online university, Suffield University offers you the opportunity to take classes’ online from anywhere and anytime. We also offer one-on-one mentorship — 95 percent of fulltime faculty in degree granting departments holds a Ph.D. or terminal degree. Suffield's knowledgeable professors provide the guidance and the experience you need to succeed as you earn your degree.

Here you will find both high academic standards and rigorous programs built on a foundation of excellence. We invite you to learn more about our vibrant academic community and to become fully engaged in the excellence, integrity and innovation that is Suffield University.

GLOBAL PRESENCE Our global presence allow students to access their online educational resources anytime and anywhere they want to.

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  TALENT RECOGNITION We help our students and alumni to reach top employers and expand their horizons.

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ONLINE PROGRAMS Our programs will provide you the essential skills necessary to advance your career.

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STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES With our support and guidance you can reach new heights in your academic and professional life.

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Everything We do is Designed to Help You Rise Higher!

Suffield University NEWS & UPDATES
  • Alumni Week Preparations begin today Suffield University Commemorates its First Ever Alumni Week
  • Program Upgrades are Underway Suffield is upgrading all its programs to be more industry-responsive
  • Improved Evaluation System Introduced Suffield University Continues the Tradition of Excellence through Improved Evaluation
  • Utilizing the Latest Available Internet Technology Suffield University Continues the Tradition of Excellence Suffield online classrooms just got richer and more high-tech
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Andrew Johnson

Suffield University offers a dynamic and enthusiastic team of professors. Our faculty is carefully selected based on their abilities to combine real-life experience with classroom learning LEARN MORE